• ReginaldDrax

    Has anyone else noticed that Colony has a new look? They're filming on a new lot now, which gives them much more room, and there's also Colony's new production designer, and she's had a definite impact.

    I first came across production designer from editing on the Fear the Walking Dead Wiki, but she's worked on a few things we've probably all seen. She's got a unique eye, her sets are incredibly detail rich and she's brought that with her to Colony, just look at this picture from the second episode of Season 2 - "Somewhere Out There".

    in his evil lair, surrounded by all his stuff.]]

    Solomon's a War Lord who uses street kids (including Charlie Bowman, which is how he comes to our attention) to make a living.

    The set doesn't just look great, and…

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  • ReginaldDrax

    Welcome UK viewers - we hope you're going to enjoy Colony as much as it's been enjoyed in the US.

    The show has already been renewed for Season 2, (airing sometime in 2017) and has built up quite a following online. Have a look at Twitter #Colony and say hello to @ProxySnyder for me, oh - and don't believe a word he says.

    Josh Holloway (from Lost), Sarah Wayne Callies (from Prison Break and The Walking Dead), Amanda Righetti (The Mentalist) and Peter Jacobson (House) do an really excellent job of leading the show and they're supported by an excellent cast and great writing.

    The wiki has lots to read, so be careful reading ahead and on character pages or you'll spoil future episodes for yourselves. Join in the discussions in the comments section at…

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  • ReginaldDrax

    I'm a massive fan of Amanda Righetti, I love her in The Mentalist, love her work in Colony actually. But I don't know what the character Madeline Kenner is for in the story.

    The other characters are solidly placed in the narrative and are all working through conflict and a character change in their own ways. Katie especially, she's hiding a massive secret from her husband and family at the same time as trying to keep hold of the tiger's tail that she's grabbed with her involvement in The Resistance.

    The relationship, and the hidden conflict between Will and her husband is one of the central themes of Colony - it's not hard to see why the characters are there.

    Will is a professional and doing a good job, but he's doing it for what he knows is the wro…

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  • ReginaldDrax

    Episode 3 "98 Seconds"

    February 2, 2016 by ReginaldDrax


    Episode 3, "98 Seconds" gives us more insight into how The Resistance works and a glimpse of the strains that are likely to rock the Bowman family.

    Taken from the Official Episode Guide, inline pictures and comments added.

    ]] "98 Seconds" is all about timing. In the opening scene, we hear the voice of the Resistance, Geronimo, giving a rousing speech over pirated airwaves. He has the timing planned perfectly, so that when the Redhats locate where the transmission is coming from, he’s long gone -- the souvenir card, “I Am Geronimo,” left in his stead. One member of the Bowman family is a big Geronimo fan, and, surprisingly, it’s not Katie. Bram is taping the broadcast and adding it to his archive. How is it that Bram is using a cassette?…

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  • ReginaldDrax

    "Brave New World"

    January 24, 2016 by ReginaldDrax

    Warning: Major Spoilers Here

    (Adapted from USA's Episode Guide)

    In Episode 2 we start to see some what Will's new job means for him, his family and his friends. The nicest thing seems to be a new car which is sitting in the Bowmans’ driveway. Some of what the Proxy Governor Alan Snyder promised Will seems to be coming trued - the job comes with perks. Some of the other stuff? Not so good.

    After spending the previous day filling in forms and being prodded and poked, Will starts his new job for real at the Transitional Authority Headquarters, he learns that bureaucracy is alive and well in post-Arrival Los Angeles, and despite his storied career as a war hero and special agent, (and despite Snyder's promises) he’s low on the T.A. totem poll. At t…

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