A thirteen episode third season of Colony was announced in April 2017

"I'm very excited that Ryan (Ryan Condal), Wes Wes Tooke and I get to move forward with our story. We have a bunch of big ideas we plan to deploy in season three. In the finale, we very consciously set up that our characters were going outside the LA Colony to explore the world beyond. The move of the show to Vancouver is going to help us really open up the world of the show. USA has been a great partner. They have encouraged us to go to unexpected places with the story and supported bold storytelling choices. We're thrilled to get started on the next chapter. "
-Carlton Cuse, [1]

What We Know So Far Edit

  • There will be 13 episodes, Season 3 will air in 2018.[2]
  • Production is moving to Vancouver, the show didn't get the tax credit from the California Film Commission[2]
  • Carlton Cuse wants Toby Huss to return as Bob Burke, there are some scheduling conflicts to resolve though. [1]

References Edit

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