Noa is a character on Colony.

Noa is a member of a resistance cell from outside The Wall. In "Tamam Shud", she and another man (a Lieutenant in The US Marines - identified by Homeland Security) manage to get a WWII era plane running and use it to fly into the LA Bloc. Noa presumably jumps from the plane before it is blown up by the droids, and she is seen parachuting into a swimming pool and running off.

Later in the episode, she saves Will Bowman from being taken into custody by Homeland Security forces, having witnessed Bowman stabbing Bob Burke with a broken soda bottle.

At the end of the episode, she meets Will and Broussard and reveals she is part of a resistance cell is run by an old colleague of Broussard's, and that she believes the Gauntlet ("that thing you stole") is a key to winning "the real war" that she says is about to begin.

Biography Edit

She is an experienced pilot and we know that Noa was probably in one of the services before The Arrival. In her first episode "Tamam Shud", she flies into the L.A. bloc, planning to bail out with her partner and parachute to the ground when the drones spot the plane. The fact that she makes it successfully and her partner, a US Marine, does not says something about how competent she is. In the preview to "The Garden of Beasts" she describes the people in her resistance group, outside the LA colony, as "professionals".

Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit

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