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Madeline Kenner, also known as Maddie, is Katie Bowman's younger sister, and easily the most do-able character on Colony. She works as a waitress. She was separated from Rob by The Arrival because he was flying to New York at the time of the EMP pulse that disabled transport and communications. She and Rob knew George before The Arrival.

Maddie is Katie Bowman’s younger sister, she has to rely on Katie & Will to provide for her and her son, Hudson. Maddie's son has diabetes, insulin to treat diabetes is not generally available under The Occupation.

Before The Arrival, Maddie owned an art gallery and Maddie uses her connections in the art world to help climb the social ladder in the Green Zone. She does whatever she needs to in order to protect and care for her son. Oddly, she seems unaware that she could use her considerable physical assets to safeguard her son's future. In the Green Zone episode there are long, lingering takes of Maddie's incredible asset.

She lives in the Bowman’s converted garage with her son Hudson Kenner but later moves in with Nolan Burgess after the two of them conspire to have his wife, Charlotte Burgess detained for misappropriating artwork.

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