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The Global Transitional Authority (German: Vorläufige Globale Autorität), also known as the Global Authority and the IGA, is a global agency that oversees people of the seniority of Helena Goldwin, a Governor General.

VGA emblem

Emblem of the Global Transitional Authority.

It's not known if there are humans who oversee the IGA or if The Hosts do this directly.


Helena Goldwin, speaking at the Global Transitional Authority

The existence of the organization was brought forth when Helena Goldwin gave evidence before a closed meeting in front of the podium which bears a logo with the title: "Vorläufige Globale Autorität"[1], or Provisional Global Authority (vorläufig can also be translated as "interim", or "transitional" in this case).[2]. "Total Rendition" was avoided as a result of the resolution that was passed.

Notes Edit

There's speculation on Reddit (reference above) that the Global TA is based in Geneva, Switzerland at the Palace of Nations building, now the home of the United Nations Office at Geneva. The Chancellor seen leading the meeting in the episode is called the "Swiss Chancellor" in the programme credits, which would seem to support the theory.



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