"He [Broussard's father] told me the only thing you can trust in this world is yourself. And then one day when I was 12, I guess to prove it, he cleaned out the family bank account and disappeared. "
-Broussard, to Katie, "Broussard"

Eric Broussard is a Resistance member and Katie Bowman's main Resistance contact in the midst of an occupied Los Angeles.

Broussard's skills in spycraft and guerrilla warfare, and his ability to forge key alliances and influence his contacts are becoming vital to the Resistance in L.A.

Broussard reports to Quayle in the Resistance.

Broussard also works for The Occupation as a Redhat. (revealed in the episode "Blind Spot")

Relationships Edit

  • Quayle, leads Broussard's Cell.
  • Katie Bowman, is in Broussard's cell. She is the only surviving member apart from Broussard himself, by the time of the events described in the Season 1 finale, ""Gateway". Katie is the only person who uses Broussard's first name in Season 1. He appears to trust her completely even when she does things that would cause him to kill other people.

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  • In an interview, Tory Kittles confirmed the characters first name to be Eric

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