Casey Sander plays the role of Carl.

Appearances Edit

Quotes Edit

"I live a normal life, I get up at 5:00, fix my kids breakfast, dabble in the stock market and get off to work at 6:40 when I'm called. I'm looking forward to working with Bruce Willis, but I'm not Bruce Willis. I'm not Tim Allen. I've been around the crazy feeding frenzy, but I've never, ever had to deal with that. I'm not a big enough star to cause that sort of hysteria. I've seen it and don't get it, I'm sorry. I get recognized all the time, and that's fine. I'm proud of it. But I don't have to live a secluded life. "
-Casey Sander

Trivia Edit

  • An ex-professional baseball player in the California Angels organization and college football player at The University of Puget Sound

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