Bob Burke is a Homeland Security Investigator and Will Bowman's partner.

He carries out his duties with some enthusiasm and no regard for ordinary rules of policing. He casually executes prisoners, in public, who refuse to give information and tortures prisoners who are held in custody.


  • He reveals to Will Bowman, in the episode "Tamam Shud", that he worked in Internal Affairs before The Arrival.
  • Due to his wooden speech and brusque manner, and a lack of self-disclosure of his personal life, Will made an off-the-cuff remark, that he powered up inside a closet like a machine.

Appearances Edit

Season 2 Edit

  • "Panopticon":
  • "Company Man":
  • "Fallout":
  • "Free Radicals":
  • "Good Intentions":
  • "Tamam Shud": Interrogates Emmett Hallstead, gaining information that leads him to Katie Bowman and her involvement at the subway station in "Gateway". He convinces Dan Bennett that Will Bowman is working for the resistance and has him picked up. Bennett gets Will to contact the pilot who parachuted into the LA bloc and sets up a meeting - in a children's park, heavily surveilled by Homeland Security. During the meeting it becomes known that Katie and Eric Broussard have taken the Bowman children and Burke trues to convince Bennett to abort the operation - believing that they now have no leverage to force Will to do what they want. Bennet refuses to abort but Burke tries to get Will to stop anyway. This convinces Will that his children must be free and he stabs Burke in the stomach with a broken bottle. Burke falls to the ground, bleeding and clutching his stomach as Will makes his escape.

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