The APIS Cell is is a cell of The Resistance.

It's comprised of the following people:

The leader of the cell isn't stated explicitly but both Morgan and Eckhart take the lead at times, with Eckhart being more likely to panic and shout; Morgan more likely to direct people in practical ways and resolve disputes.

APIS is the name of the start-up company that Morgan, Eckhart and BB were running when The Arrival took place, almost exactly a year before the events descibed in "Gateway", the Season 1 finale.

APIS was going to be a company that produced tiny Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, drones, that looked like large insects. The cell use one of the two prototypes they have to collect information from Homeland Security HQ on the VIP visit that takes place at the end of Season 1.

Eric Broussard and Katie Bowman are associated with this cell, Broussard was approached for help with exploiting their knowledge of the VIP visit. He and Katie ran the operation that resulted in the kidnap of the VIP (a Host).